People in old age are always reminding themselves that they have to keep up with the growing world. It seems to them that they are the only people who are having problems with keeping up but we all need to know that even this generation is struggling with keeping up with growing social media.

When we talk about social media it is very difficult to define it because social media is a very wide concept and it changes every second.

Even if we have to define, we can say that social media is a platform for people to network with people/companies far from them and grow their reach.

Now, imagine that you are in a huge market where there is everything you need. When you are roaming there and you have a list of things to buy. it will be very difficult to decide where to buy things. Which shop will give you good products at a cheap rate? Sometimes we may think that a particular shop is the right one. After days when we have used it enough, we may realize that that was the wrong choice and many times it may happen that we may not even realize. Social media is similar, as we will never know what is right and what is wrong. When we were in school in every debate competition, we had a debate on the internet (social media) each team sharing pros and cons.

Now, this platform is growing every single day with applications like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc with many successful accounts and when we scroll through them, we think that this is perfect. I want my account to be like this I want to be like this person or that person. We want to be a copy of someone famous. But is it easy? To maintain social media profile and be active every minute of your life?

If you ask me I cannot. It scares the shit out of me even if someone puts the possibility of me in that shoe. So, I think about how people are doing it. This is not the result we should watch; we should watch the real struggle they have been facing for giving this result.

Many people want to be famous and become an influencer. I am sorry to break your myth but you don’t become an influencer with the help of makeup, good clothes, expensive restaurant, etc. you become famous with hard work, bringing something unique to the table every day, not giving up, staying motivated, etc. as I said many people want to be famous but they aren’t now because somewhere in the process of being famous they end up being depressed or they give up or they are stuck at one place and don’t know where to go from there.

So when we talk about pros and cons I don’t think that’s right because social media is just a platform provided to people and it’s up to people how they want to use this platform.

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