Lets normalise adult stardom

what do you think when you read the title? What is it about right? So, let’s just start with talking about adult videos I meant porn videos by it but I didn’t want to mention it because I didn’t want to offend the readers but then that’s the reality, right? One nice word won’t change what it is.

Why do we think we cannot use the word meant for it but sugar-coat it so anyone wouldn’t feel uncomfortable have you ever thought that sugar-coating would make the person in it uncomfortable?

Why will we think about them because they are doing the dirty work right? But we are happy to watch that dirty and fulfil our needs but won’t respect them as a person. In any business, we are always taught that we should always keep professional and personal life different not only for ourselves but also for others. In that other category, we are supposed to include porn stars but we don’t. we not only don’t do this but we don’t even consider it to be like other businesses. We just consider it to be filthy and disgusting but rather think of it as a bread maker for people working in it. If we also notice that women are the ones being criticized for working in this business more than men. They both are working in the same way, right? If we don’t even go there and talk about a woman being in this business then what’s wrong with that, right.

Let’s think of the body as a means of earning and who so ever is doing has no problem with that and why not do what you are best in because as we say we should always do those things which we are best in and God hasn’t mentioned it anywhere that having sex and recording it for someone else’s pleasure is wrong. Even if you think of it wrong and are disgusted don’t ever watch it or make time for in night to release stress or to have pleasure because if what they are doing is wrong then by watching it even you are doing it wrong.

We as a member of society have made it disgusting when it is in public but when we do it in a closed room then it becomes wonderful and mesmerizing. We need to understand that whoever is working in that field has their approval for what they are doing and we are no one to pass judgment for them or make their life uncomfortable. Let’s just start looking at it as a business and not unethical work.

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