In this era, we all are running. Now when I am talking about running, I don’t mean in the literal term but in metaphorical terms. As a student, we run from one tuition to another, as a working person we run from one place to another in search of work, as a housewife we run from fulfilling one needs to another so as a person in any stage of our life we just run. Now we may think what about people who are just sitting at home doing nothing or people who have a white-collar job who just have to sit in one chair and work how are they running. As I mentioned earlier that we are not talking in the literal term but we are talking in every aspect now people who are sitting in one place they are running through their minds. Their mind is running from one place to another.

So, do you think everything is worth it?

You’re running every day’s worth? The result you get from it, is it worth it?

We may think it is worth it because we are getting paid for it right? And I may even agree with you but what about the time when you are running but you aren’t getting paid for it. What about that, is it worth it now?

Now I may say no. I am not getting paid but my mind is still running for work, thinking of all the pending work or all the meetings left or if I have my own business all the growth aspects for my business. As a student, I am thinking about my studies 24*7. As a housewife, I am continuously thinking of the betterment of my family.

But are we thinking that is this thinking and is this running helping me grow individually, in business, studies, or family’s growth?

Okay, let’s say everything will be worth it in the end if we see the bigger picture. But what is the guarantee? If we are using our maximum time running to make things worthwhile in the end,d but what if I won’t come as assumed?

Do you think that keeping yourself running or your mind running is giving you effective output?

Many motivational speakers have said that it is very important to give yourself time but not time for running your, mind but to calm your mind and body. Let it relax for a while and recharge itself to work smarter with more guaranteed results.

We say and I believe that now this is the era of smart work and not of hard work.

So to be smart with your work distance yourself from time to time from the world.




I had always known touch as good or bad because that’s what life taught me until now touch is not always about that but how touch can help you understand a person or help another person in many ways. If I were to define touch, I would not only talk about physical touch but I will also define it with emotional, and phycological ways of touch.

Whenever we talk about touch, we think of two bodies touching each other and judge it with good or bad but when you are in a situation where you need to make the other person about something then along with physical touch you need to touch that person in many different ways.

Okay, I understand that my writings are sometimes confusing and it may get difficult to understand what I meant by them so let’s consider a situation where you are in a company and you are having conflicts with one of the employees. Now he/she is not your friend but you have to work with them together and have no other option than what will you do in that situation.


Anyways, if I were to be in that situation then I would be very calm and firstly solve the conflicts within myself and then try to have an emotional touch with that person by talking to that person more and trying to understand their viewpoints and then having phycological touch with to know how I need to coordinate again regarding work and how to make them do it my way and when it’s all done there will be a situation where we may have conflicts then I will use physical touch. I might even use all the three also just in case needed. But it doesn’t need to work immediately it may even take more time than anticipated but it does work.

So when we talk about physical touch only, it does help a lot in many ways because when we touch a person’s body we pass on vibration to that person’s body which then is passed to his/her brain and they get the signal.

Let’s take a situation where you are with your friend and he/she is in some kind of problem and they are sharing it with you but you can’t help in that situation but you want to calm down the situation and your talking is not helping him/her because they are not open to hearing and then you just touch his/her shoulder and just say “don’t worry everything will be alright just give it some time” just with this line everything will be calm and he/she will feel calm.

So, with just one simple touch you can change a lot of things with people.

After knowing all these things along with good and bad touches I also judge touches in all these criteria and if I can you guys can also do it.

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