I am so confused on how to start this topic and how to explain every point of view of mine to you in a very simplest way possible.

Polyamory is a term used when three people are in a relationship including romance, sex and everything that comes in a relationship of two people. When I first saw it in a Netflix series, I thought that it is a threesome which is very common for people exploring themselves sexually, but when the series moved forward, I saw that three people who were involved with each other are not just only having sex but are also involved with each other emotionally. If any person from a group is upset or hurt the other two feel for the person. I then understood that I misread the concept here of threesome but it is a throuple. Throuple is also known as polyamory we can use either of them for defining such type of relationship.

Now when we know about it and is very new in our society, we may judge it from our opinion and may even trash talk those who are in polyamory, but rather than jumping on polyamory let’s start with a relationship.

We always say that love can happen with more than one person, but when we say that we mean “at different times” right?

But what if love happen with more than one person at same time?

In fact, in our society, it is very difficult for people to understand the concept of loving more people at the time and here I am talking about relations which include romance, sexual needs and emotional support which we expect in a two people relationship.

So, to get a clear idea what is love?

As we know everyone has a different definition of it but if we think about it  is something where two people can be themselves in front of each other, you feel like wanting that person for the rest of your life.

So accordingly, if we see then it is not necessary for everyone to feel like this for just one person it can be for more and what is wrong with that?

Ultimately, it’s their life choice of how they want to live it plus, it is okay to let them be.

In my opinion if there is throuple or fouple (four people being in a relationship) or more I wont care because at the end its their life and we are no one to make our opinion about them because we are not standing in their shoes.

Cheers to polyamory.

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