Being in stage of my life where I am learning new things and trying to explore everything world has to provide. Those who know me, knows that I am very curious head about everything and keen about learning new things. Always trying something or other just for doing it.

When I was done with my 12th, I thought that how fun it will be to just learn new things which life will throw at me and I won’t have to worry about failing in anything or not being good at something. Soon when I started exploring new things, I realized I was very good at few things but wasn’t able to create interest for few and in which I failed. I failed at many stages in my life and had a thought of being useless and depressed. Then someone told me “Not everything is meant to be for you, somethings are just better left aside and focus on what you are best in”

Now, that’s just my story but if we just talk about failure what I understood with my experience is that you will fail in life many times than you even realize but you will win one day. Its all about how we take it further.

There are many successful people who have failed billions of times but are now successful in their life, just because they share their success story doesn’t mean they haven’t seen failure. Of course, they have.

Now we talk about it I think it also depend on how we define FAILURE.

Is it in terms of money, authority, pleasure etc. and many different factors which we can look into but the only thing we should look into is ourselves? Are we failing in life with ourselves in terms of everything? Are you not growing your individual self? Are not at better place in your life than before? And many more.

If you find yourself as a failure then let’s do one exercise here:

  1. List out things you find yourself as a failure.
  2. Now think that if you want to work on each individual
  3. If yes, then how do you plan on working on it
  4. Start making list on how you will work on it
  5. Still if its not working then what other measures you can take

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