Acting like fiction character is normal?

When we start acting like a fictional character.

finding your character is already difficult and we adopt a fictional character. When we think about it about your role in our and someone else’s life it somewhere connects with what we are reading or watching. There is also a possibility of not realizing the character you’re playing.

It happens to me many times and I never realize it at that time. It mostly happens when I watch a series for more than 2 hours or when I read a book and think about its content or character wishing that I want to be like this person or a few traits of that person.

I have seen people in my surroundings being so obsessed with the book they are reading. They read it like we read Adamic books for examination. I had my mentor who was interested in reading books and encouraged everyone around to read a book. Then it became compulsory for everyone to read each chapter a day and summarise the whole to her. I first thought that it is a very beneficial exercise for everyone because I love reading books but sometimes, I just don’t feel like reading and that feeling lasts for months and I don’t even touch any book. Anyways so I thought it will help me to be consistent in practicing reading. I did that exercise for a week or so but I realized that I am reading a book just to complete it and not reading it to gain knowledge and whenever I had to summarise the chapter to her I would just read a topic and then bluff the whole part to her.

I thought that this is not working for me and why it is not?

I started observing her for the same and when I observe her, I noticed that when she is reading a particular book she comes into that character and behaves like it. Whatever she would read, if she took a positive character she would react like it, if it was a negative character, she would react like that. Also, she would expect everyone to behave the same and always count herself ahead of everyone which I believe was not her personality when it was what she took from one of those books she was reading.

Similarly, another friend was obsessed with watching the Netflix series “suits”. He was so into suits that he ended up watching it 5 times and is still watching it. He works in an organization where he has to deal with a lot of politics like we deal with in every organization.

One day when we met something had happened at his work and he was sharing it with me, where he started by explaining one of the scenes from the suits and then he shared his situation where I noticed that he acted the same way Harvey acted in the series.

So, my only point is whether it is books, movies, or series, whatever we are watching and we start obsessing over it we start acting like one of it in our real life. It can be good or it can be bad it depends on your mindset. But I believe ” excess of anything is harmful”.

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