In this era, we all are running. Now when I am talking about running, I don’t mean in the literal term but in metaphorical terms. As a student, we run from one tuition to another, as a working person we run from one place to another in search of work, as a housewife we run from fulfilling one needs to another so as a person in any stage of our life we just run. Now we may think what about people who are just sitting at home doing nothing or people who have a white-collar job who just have to sit in one chair and work how are they running. As I mentioned earlier that we are not talking in the literal term but we are talking in every aspect now people who are sitting in one place they are running through their minds. Their mind is running from one place to another.

So, do you think everything is worth it?

You’re running every day’s worth? The result you get from it, is it worth it?

We may think it is worth it because we are getting paid for it right? And I may even agree with you but what about the time when you are running but you aren’t getting paid for it. What about that, is it worth it now?

Now I may say no. I am not getting paid but my mind is still running for work, thinking of all the pending work or all the meetings left or if I have my own business all the growth aspects for my business. As a student, I am thinking about my studies 24*7. As a housewife, I am continuously thinking of the betterment of my family.

But are we thinking that is this thinking and is this running helping me grow individually, in business, studies, or family’s growth?

Okay, let’s say everything will be worth it in the end if we see the bigger picture. But what is the guarantee? If we are using our maximum time running to make things worthwhile in the end,d but what if I won’t come as assumed?

Do you think that keeping yourself running or your mind running is giving you effective output?

Many motivational speakers have said that it is very important to give yourself time but not time for running your, mind but to calm your mind and body. Let it relax for a while and recharge itself to work smarter with more guaranteed results.

We say and I believe that now this is the era of smart work and not of hard work.

So to be smart with your work distance yourself from time to time from the world.



This is a very complex topic when we want to write about it because that’s what it exactly says we have a lot of thoughts in our minds which we feel like bringing out in a conversation but somehow, we cannot. See, now there comes a difference that we “cannot”.

I recently experienced this and the people surrounding me. The problem I had with speaking was I couldn’t speak about the emotional problems I was facing and I know that that is something not in my nature but now it is and I couldn’t find any solution. whenever anything happened around me that would upset me and make me angry, I was not able to express it to my partner. I was facing trouble sharing those emotions with him whether it was regarding him or anyone around me. 

I was trying a lot to understand the reason behind it and then I started noticing that whenever I felt those emotions, I do want to talk to him about it but when we met, he used to share about his day and my emotions would fade away. 

When we would fight, I used to think that what I am going to say would hurt him and make matters worse. So, with that fear, I would suppress those feelings inside. There were also times when I was half through way through talking about my feelings, I would realize that he wasn’t even listening to me so I would suppress my feelings.

There came many situations where I couldn’t express myself to someone and then they started building up inside of me and days would come when I would explode because of those feelings and that would make things worse.

I realized that I had my escape ready every time I was in that situation. I noticed that whenever I had to challenge my feelings I would escape and the next day we both would pretend as if nothing happened. We never thought of bringing it out on the table and talking about it.

Those unsaid feelings started to come out as anger. I would get angry about simple things in a second and then I would react weirdly the whole day with people. I would think negatively of everything. I would not talk to anyone and be rude.

I realized all little things were making me like this. What we can do is first acknowledge this problem. every problem solution is to acknowledge that problem first so that you can find a solution for it. Most importantly you can analyze your whole situation in Infront of you and take a step forward towards your solution.

Secondly, after knowing your situation you can make a list of the problems you are facing. One by one try finding solutions for it, don’t try to do it all at once. Take it one day or more at a time. 

Thirdly just by finding a solution and working on it, you will see there is no problem you are facing in that particular situation.

Anyways, this is what I did with my problem “cannot”. Just try talking every day about Thoda Thoda and in no time you won’t be facing the problem you are facing now.


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